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***Dry Erase Weekly Calendar - make for christmas present? -For Mom Materials Needed: -More than 7 picture frame -Cute Scrapbook paper -Dry erase marker -Black Alphabet stickers

This is a perfect Dr. Seuss canvas for a reading corner/nook. If only I could find the real diy link for this pin..

"Nail Polish Remover" Use It To Transfer Pictures Onto A Tile. Materials: * 4" Tile (un coated ) or desirable size * Inexpensive nail polish remover *Bone folder or back of a spoon *Foam Brush *Colored picture copies (must be in toner ink) *A sheet of clear acetate (blank) *Tile sealer *Latex Gloves (for protection). *Cut pic if needed *Warm-up tile in microwave *Soak foam brush with polish remover coat back of pic. (Hold pic in place) *Place acetate paper on the back of pic rub…

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