That was my day...

I don't do crossfit, but wall ball is one of my fav exercises anddd this happens atleast once a week!

Funny how all the women who lift weights in my gym are the ones with the best bodies...?! Weight Training Is The Way! Check out this class article about secrets of women who do strength training. #9 is hilarious

21 Secrets Girls Who Lift Won't Tell You

While our guy friends find us ever so slightly intimidating. 21 Secrets Girls Who Lift Won't Tell You

Crossfit humor. How I feel exactly this week. #everythinghurts

Funny Sports Ecard: Trust me, you'll never know how big of a hassle it is getting dressed until you're sore from a CrossFit workout. Ouch - hurting from yesterday's pull-ups For all my Crossfit friends.

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There’s a beast in every woman and it stirs when you put a barbell in her hands - Fitness, Training, Bodybuilding Quotes

Yup, full on Crossfit Crackhead here. You say "cult", like it's a bad thing.... LBD IS A CROSSFIT FREAK!

The CrossFit Cult

Funny Workout Quotes QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Description Welcome to the cult of Crossfit, I drink the Kool-aid. Sharing is Caring – Don’t forget to share this quote !

life humor

Some Ecards - health. health-freak sorry for the bad word but true! Life is hard sometimes!

Amen #crossfit

Crossfit Woman's Creed- Love's so I am woman hear me roar! Definitely fits well with my 2012 goals