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Fantastic voyage in nanomedicine takes us into realm of science fiction- Collaborative research in TCD is leading to exciting developments which may lead to more targeted and less traumatic treatment of diseases such as cancer

New in Nanomedicine: camouflaged nanoparticles (yellow) cloaked in the membranes of white blood cells rest on the surface of an immune system cell (phagocyte, blue) without being recognized, ingested, and destroyed.

Researchers at Northwestern University combined gold nanoparticles (in yellow) with small interfering RNAs (in green) to knock down an oncogene that is overexpressed in #glioblastoma, increasing survival rates significantly in animals with the deadly disease. Designed to target a specific cancer-causing gene in cells, the drug simply flips the switch of the troublesome oncogene to “off,” silencing the gene. #GBM #braincancer

MIT: New Research Demonstrates how Nanoparticles can Clean Up Environmental Pollutants: Water – Soil

(EnviroNews World News) -- An accidental discovery made by medical researches has yielded a "quick" and "easy" way to remove toxic chemicals from the environment MIT News has reported. In a paper published in Nature Communications, scientists from

Cellular Surgeons: The New Era of Nanomedicine : Pills the size of molecules to seek and destroy tumors. Miniscule robots performing surgery inside patients with a precision never before achieved. Nanobots, a billionth of a meter across, fixing mutations in DNA, or repairing neurons in your brain. Such are the possibilities as medicine enters the nano-era.