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sweet little hedgehog - etthornaveden | a corner of eden

Sometimes you just need a hedgie and I want one so bad! I just don't know what I'd do with it.but I want one!

next costume for Hans?

Everyone knows that hedgehogs love dressing up in costumes, but their little legs are too short to put clothes on by themselves. That's why hedgehogs need your help in donning these costumes for

Baby Polar Bear playing in the snow, waiting for mama polar bear to have some lunch!

Baby Polar Bear in the Snow for the First Time.I love baby polar bears, they are SO cute!


Funny pictures about The Many Faces Of a Hedgehog. Oh, and cool pics about The Many Faces Of a Hedgehog. Also, The Many Faces Of a Hedgehog photos.

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Ashleigh Hunt has two dozen baby African Pygmy Hedgehogs, Britain's latest must-have mini-pet, which can sell for up to each.

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la mamá y sus bebes - mom and baby hedgehogs -cute animals pictures

Here are some strange, yet true, things you may not have known about hedgehogs.:

Hoglet sounds like Hobbit. Bilbo Baggins was a Hobbit. Martin Freeman played Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. This is one of the many reasons why Martin Freeman is compared to a baby hedgehog (excuse me I meant hoglet)

Now it kinda looks like John is the one who jumped off the building....

Funny pictures about Tired hedgehog. Oh, and cool pics about Tired hedgehog. Also, Tired hedgehog.