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  • Sarah Morgan

    awkward family photo

  • Rachel Harden

    Awkward Wedding Photos- Lord of the Rings. << Idea for a funny picture of use holding our rings


    Awkward photo: What is this, Twilight slash Lord of the Rings? Unacceptable.

  • Janet Tankard

    Awesomely Awkward Wedding Photos. Is this some kind of euphemism or maybe an allegorical tale of the bride who shrank when she had the apple labelled "eat me"? Then her ring fell off her tiny finger and the groom wondered what to do ...

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This may be the worst wedding photo we've ever run across and we certainly wouldn't recommend it for our clients.

Awkward Family Photos >> to say the least... add it to the must have wedding photo list!

Bahahaha! Composite images were so trendy... I will never know why. Look at those hairy arms! Bleh! Haha!

awkward wedding photos - what the f..?

Awkward question for Mayim Bialik…she is so awesome though! What a good science role model :)

This is awkward… Don't let floss feel left out! Flossing at least once a day will help fight against cavities in between your teeth.

hahahahahahhahahahahah how awkward

If a guy ever does this...I will marry him. Then we will have socially awkward children and our strangeness will literally make the entire world simultaneously uncomfortable.