Awkward Wedding Photos- What is this, Twilight slash Lord of the Rings? Unacceptable.

Vagina Wedding Dress | The 14 Most Insane Wedding Dresses Of All Time

Still laughing: "Awkwardly Ever After: 23 Wedding Photos Gone Terribly Weird & Wrong (via Strollerderby)"

This site is dedicated to all of those awkward family photos.

Awkward Russian Wedding Photos Are A Whole New Level Of WTF (NSFW) - - #CelebrityNews, #Comedians, #Comedy, #Funny, #FunnyNews, #Jokes

Bad wedding photo edits. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should...


Awesomely Awkward Bridal Photos |

Looks likes somebody couldn’t wait for the honey moon... ... yeah this would be me haha

She thought it was her best angle. (submitted by Lance)lol!!! I love awkward family photos!!!!

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hahaha Barbie and Ken's wedding. You gotta click on the picture and look at all of them. Seriously. They're hilarious.

O my this is AWESOME

Dear Lord.

The 21 Most Awkward Situations In History. So much awkward...


Kardashian awkward family photo....OMG BRUCE AND KRISSSS LOLLZ

Million dollar question