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Universal equinoctial sundial, torquetum-type. Brass; for sidereal and ordinary time. Stands 6" high. Date Made: c.1671-1700.

Herr Thiessen's clock - In the novel Herr is asked to create a clock for someone. The clock is placed in the middle of the circus. This clock can represent how time is the center of the novel. It helps create a path for people, but sometimes people destroy it.

Combination portable sundial and instrument for calibrating sundials 17th century,from France,brass,silver - or so described. The concept of "calibrating sundials" puzzles me. This is a portable sundial with three scales to work at 40, 45 and 50 degrees latitude North respectively. There is a compass for orientation and screws for levelling. The gnomon adjusts accordingly as seen in the additional pictures.

Sphere of the heavens Clock-driven Chinese celestial globe, 1830. © Science Museum This celestial globe has an internal clockwork drive so that it turns to represent the motion of the stars. On the surface you can see the stars grouped according to Chinese constellations. The Milky Way is shown by a band of dots, and five patches represent star clusters.