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Green Tara, Green Tara is a revered Buddhist deity. She is a Buddha of enlightened actions. The name Tara translates as "star" Like a shooting star streaking across the sky Goddess Tara helps to swiftly move us along on our path to liberation and freedom. If you are feeling stuck, or continue to encounter barriers with your spiritual growth, call upon Tara to help kick-start your progress. She wants to see you succeed and will help you along the way.

Green Tara the Bodhisattva of compassionate action who manifests in female form. Tara's name is said to derive from the verb meaning "to cross" or "to traverse". In Tibetan Tara is Drolma which means "She Who Saves".

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HINDU GODS CHART There are four main sects within Hinduism: 1. Shaivism (in which Shiva is worshipped as the main god); 2. Vaishnavism (in which Vishnu worshipped as the main god); 3. Shaktism (in which the female aspects of god are primarily worshipped); and 4. Smartism (in which six main gods are worshipped: Shiva, Vishnu, Shakti, Ganesh, Murugan and Surya).

The meaning of Green Tara is goddess of compassion, and why she sits with one foot extended is because she is ready to come to the aid of the suffering in an instant. She is a goddess of compassionate action and protection.

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