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    Haha! Seriously!

    ... I mean it's the truth, I even get a high five @clintshane

    haha so true


    haha, seriously though!

    Omg I'm seriously dying. This is the best pin ever!!!


    When In Doubt Mumble from 55 Hi's.

    When an ad starts playing music in one of my browser tabs. 'I Will Find You and I Will Kill You.' YES. Hahahahahaha


    I believe Sheldon would win and then Jack would shoot them!

    Funny, BUT . . . . The anti-joke chicken is also the grammatically incorrect chicken. WHOM! Guess WHOM I saw today. If the "who" isn't doing the action, it's "whom." Grrrrr.

    Hahah So. True.

    But seriously...



    Too true