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    these literally make me laugh out loud...Texts from dog

    Click through and read the whole thing. SO funny!crazy psycho!!!

    texts from dog

    Cracks me up

    Text Messages From A Cat

    true on many points, isn't it ?

    OMG, so funny I'm laughing so hard I'm crying

    texts from dog😋

    Funniest AutoCorrects Of 2012 had me in tears

    Texts from the dog! I love these! Can't stop laughing :)

    I don't know what it is about dog text messages, but I literally laugh out loud every time

    Funny Texts

    Text Messages From A Cat. Perfect.

    texts from dog

    The Frozen Bird. I don't know which is more appropriate: value this life-lesson or laugh until I cry.

    Horrible Revenge of Cheated-On Women>> The billboard and the lost dog flyers aren't as bad as the others.

    Perfect timing photos 😝

    Texts from dog.

    text from dog