these literally make me laugh out loud...Texts from dog

texts from dog

Texts from the dog! I love these! Can't stop laughing :)

best one yet!

Well That Escalated At a Reasonable Pace #joke #rofl #Meme #funny ass photos #cinnamon challenge #funiest cat scares #avatar funny photos

Thor texts Iron Man. This is amazing


text from dog

Hahahaha! So funny!

Celebrities Photobombing

LOVE texting dog

Funny Text Message Dog - Postman tried to push stuff through the door. That's his JOB. And it's my job to stop him. Who appointed you?? YOU DID. WHEN YOU LET THE SCUM TAKE OVER OUR CITY. OMFG You're insane. I'M BATDOG.

This is a bit long to read, but quite awesomely worth the time :-)

Greatest thing ever!

I laughed. And cried.

Journalism flubs. Humorous.

I lol every time

Texts from dog

I have tears streaming down my face. Hilarious.

Haha funny texts with parents :)

I cried I was laughing so hard! Omg this guy must have practiced this so many times!