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Prince Charles and Princess Diana official wedding photo.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their honeymoon 1981. Really Charles you wonder why she exploded. You had a young twenty year-old bride that you left to find her own way, while you indulged yourself in your books, your painting, your fishing and YOUR friends. Exploded any woman would have!!

Pozornost sta vzbujala s tesnimi objemi ob plesanju na nežno glasbo. Sledilo je povabilo v škotsko k

April 23, 1985: Prince Charles & Princess Diana visit the San Miniato Church in Florence, Italy. Day 5

Princess Diana and Prince Charles July 29, 1981, they had two sons Prince William and Prince Henry (aka Harry)

Prince Charles & Princess Diana arriving in Scotland to continue their honeymoon there.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana..she be like "Charles you do have big ears *giggle*"

Engagement photo of HRH, Charles, The Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer. Feb1981. #royalty

./****Here they appear to be so happy on their honeymoon. Was he already making plans for his exit as soon as heirs were obtained? She had no idea, innocent, trusting young girl that she was, what was ahead for her, the betrayal that Charles & Queenie had already planned that would sabotage her marriage.

i like to be a free spirit. some don’t like that, but that’s the way i am. - princess diana.

Lady Diana Spencer. She did washing for William van Straubenzee, one of Sarah's old boyfriends, and ironed the shirts of Rory Scott, who had then starred in a TV documentary about Trooping the Colour, Diana stayed regularly for weekends at his parents farm near Petworth, West Sussex.

The Prince & Princess of Wales arriving in Scotland for the last part of their honeymoon. Aug. 1981