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Work for money, Design for love. Eventually I'll get to the "work for money" part.

hotg0ssip:    (via presto)

hotg0ssip: (via presto)

I never read, I just look at pictures - Andy Warhol. I thought I was the only person that preferred pics over reading!

I've heard people talk about this idea as being about the thick & the thin. Life is thick, good art is thin. So, bad art is thick & opaque - it's all mixed up in life and doesn't give you much. Good art is thin & transparent: Good art provides a window to the thick, it gives you a way to understand or experience life.

Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent. Art Print by Kimsey Price

Confessions of a Designer - Quotes from the world of design lol. I always use Comic Sans. Does being a first grade teacher count?

Confessions of a Designer - Quotes from the world of design

"Comic Sans is never a acceptable font. Unless you are an 8 year old girl writing a poem about unicorns." - part of the 'Confessions of a Designer' series, designed by Anneke Short This is exactly what my teacher says

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Typography is the art or process of setting and arranging types and printing from them. Here are some great examples of typography to inspire you. You can check out the previous episode here - Typography Inspiration

Fashion is what u buy style is what u do with it #AthraLuxe  #jewelry

Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with It! this goes for pregnancy as well! so be a fashionista mom to be and continue with your style!

I've tried so hard...

I am not a morning person.but I work weekends at a coffee shop. I guess I like coffee more than sleeping after all

#156 - From Another Point of View

From another point of view. it seems like every one elses point of view is always one that can never see mine which is defin. upside down