i could NOT stop laughing. "when did you get here?"

This mom is awesome for recording this! I can't stop laughing!!

The best Vine videos of 2013 (so far) I am crying from laughing!

It's her reaction that's hilarious!!! That'd soooo be me lol

wisdom teeth aftermath best one yet! soo funny

Guy Has Surgery, Wakes Up, Forgets He’s Married, Hits On Wife [VIDEO]

Worry about yourself! Hilarious video of a little girl telling it like it is! Quite the independent little girl!

JANICE! STOP IT! JANICE! I HAVE FALLEN! Laughed so hard I have tears in my eyes

Oh my goodness!! I laughed so hard at this!

omggg I died laughing

Most psycho American Idol contestant ever, Mary Roach !!!

This is hysterically funny!! for starters people, don't take selfies without clothes on in the first place.

HILARIOUS! wisdom teeth video

Cats after anesthesia. Is it bad that I about died laughing?

This is possibly the funniest video ever. Own that ponytail, work that updo!

I challenge you to not laugh at this.

Pintrerest fails

Barbie and Ken Wedding Album - THIS IS HILARIOUSLY AMAZING!

Hahahaha. I'm currently dying of laughter........... "I will disown you!"