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    How to Clean a Very Dirty Car Carpet

    • Robert Ryan

      Dirty carpets are inevitable, particularly if you have kids or dogs. Even if you wash your car every week, pretty soon the contrast between how your car looks on the outside and how it looks on the inside can be pretty distressing. Most folks leave the carpets for a professional detailer, aside from the occasional vacuuming. But you can deep-clean...

    • Belle Casa (Cambridge) Ltd

      Easy steps to clean a very dirty car carpet #carcleaning #cleaningtips

    • Carol Downing

      How to Clean a Very Dirty Car Carpet (Wouldn't you know - vinegar, baking soda and "Dawn"!!)

    • Amy Hickox

      How to Remove Sour Milk Smell From a Car Interior @Emma Claborn

    • Megan Johnson

      How to Clean Car Carpet, I'll be doing this once it gets warmer

    • ⒷⓔⓚⓚⒶ

      How to Clean a Very Dirty Car Carpet 🚗 Move it Move it 🚗

    • Marilyn Petitjean

      How to Remove Sour Milk Smell From a Car Interior

    • Sara Jarvis

      How to Clean car upholstery

    • Jennifer Goens

      How to Clean Car Carpet

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    Cleaning car today... Will confirm if these work..... Best way to clean car carpet = water + detergent + white vinegar; dry more quickly w/ baking soda; treat stains w/ white vinegar, hydro peroxide; bad car smell = cut up onion in water, leave overnight, remove and spray with febreze.

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