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Loving this winter weather Setting some MAJOR goals that scare the crap outta me for 2017..I actually was so inspired by the process I began to write a post for you guys that will go up next week So I wanna know..what is your MAJOR goal for 2017! Comment below it can business social travel health/wellness whatever just state it and share it

Just casually looking over to the side like I love this foam roller don't you dare touch it Have you read the latest post I'm chatting all about my foam roller and why you need one in your life Off to foam roll my booty after Body Werk yesterday it's so sore I can't even sit in my chair (: @flywithmemoriesphotography )

5 days into the new year and already I've checked off some mini goals attempted to put on lipstick (watch my snap) and interviewed a meditation expert for The Fit and Fabulous Club Oh yah and I launched Body Werk yesterday Thank goodness I get to wear workout clothes all day for my job or else I'd be a total hot mess! Do you wear workout clothes all day? Pants Sports Bra by: @sthenos (ps this is where I got kicked out )

Putting salt in my water to debloat..only if it's pink mmmk Chatting all about Pink Salt on the blog and how I use it all day everyday even in my water

Drop and give me 10 Rocking my @sthenos outfit exploring downtown Las Vegas and just had to see if I could getaway with taking photos in a sports bra at a courthouse Lets just say I'm not welcomed back Check out the details on these pants though true art I'm obsessed

Looking over at 2016 like BU-BYE bye to old habits bye to limiting beliefs and HELLO 2017 lets take all those seeds and water them lets surround ourselves with people who make us strive to be BETTER lets get a workout routine that makes us EXCITED to take up for it lets kick those fad diets to the curb and focus on what FEELS good! Starting the year off with a little fire inside of me and so excited for what's to come

My top posts are random BUT over 37000 likes not bad CC 2017 I'm coming for you FIT FIERCE and FABULOUS of course Thank you all for your support your comments your replies and all of my followers for allowing me to serve with my passion and purpose Cheers to a 2017 filled with unconditional love magic and making SHIFTS happen

Feeling like Oprah today as I just posted a HUGE giveaway on the blog with some of my favorite things To enter all you have to do is go to and click on the December favorites post and follow the directions! I'll announce the winner 1/5/2017 so get those entries in!

Making new playlists for these cold snowy days helps you to get motivated for a rock star workout What are you top three pump up songs? Share below! I need new songs

Back in freezing cold Las Vegas but happy that's it's so cold because it's forcing me to work hard New post live on the blog with a quick breakdown of an arm workout you can do using water bottles PS I did my first insta live last night and I can't find it to I loosing it or does it not let you do that yet? Anyone tune in