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There is a deepness in this photo, I can really feel it.Whether it is feeding children, or taking time to give a small kiss, I can feel it, a really deep love for life.

I used to see parrots flying in the natural in south florida.

Black Palm Cockatoo.- ©Juergen Berkessel

blue fronted amazon parrot-- looks like my girl Ava. tho avas beak is a bit more worn, and that would be her bad eye with the scratch on it...

This is from a A blog celebrating all fat birds. Its one of the most colorful birds I have ever seen. I love COLORS is about depicting Nature at its most magnificent moment. I have never seen a non Peacock bird with such Rich Blues and yellows. It borders fantasy. I really love the look this picts composition and Depth of field and most certainly this bird. - Source: Bendrix got this from fat-birds.tumblr....

Fischer’s Love Birds. The African Love Birds may be the tiniest birds in the parrot family, but don’t be fooled--they can be fierce. For example, there are different species of African Love Birds-NEVER breed them together. They will attack or kill one another. They are very assertive. by floridapfe's photostream

The Sun Parakeet or Sun Conure parrot (Aratinga solstitialis) is native to northeastern South America

The kind of bird I'd like to have,these little guys are soo cute!

I mean really, I just adore cows. Hence no more leather and steak for Jennifer. :))