I love the color of this bag



Vintage Verdigris Belt

Louis Vuitton trunks

Flora All Time Belt - Brown, Gold, Cutout, Flower, Solid, Casual, Faux Leather, Rustic

instead of a purse.

wow. this girls makes impressive leather fantasy costume-y stuff.

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Modular belt pouch side A! by danaan-dewyk on deviantART


Pair a simple black blazer & white blouse with a statement necklace to really polish off the look.



Google Image Result for http://seeker.warriorprincess.com/galleries/albums/costumes/cara_mordsith/normal_cara_mordsith_04.jpg

herringbone. belt.

Love this!! Wanderlust Leather Hip Belt with Pockets

Dress up a shirt dress with a cleverly tied leather belt, oversized man's watch and aviators. Isn't that easy? Just make sure you include our travel size Bag Butler Leather Cleaner in your bag. Fashion ready, every step.