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Galaxy phone wallpaper #galaxyobsessed

10 décembre 2014

Milky Way and Finnish Forest / Finland Landscape / Find Lumikki

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butterflies whisper to death

Crystals and gemstones


moon rising

Stella Maria Baer Stella grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In her work she explores her memory of the desert - the lines, the color, the space. She now lives in New Ha...

moon fairy

Crystal magic.


Catch a Star

This is not a hyper realist painting but a photograph of a star forming, courtesy of @HUBBLE_space #space #stars

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These constellations are not arranged to match the sky, but I do like the lines they have. This poster gives me good ideas for constellation art. - - - A study of the stars: this screenprinted poster of the constellation presents the starry sky in a minimalist manner (sold by Wallabuy)


Star Constellations For A Tattoo. This Could Be Really Cool, Instead Of Getting Kids Names Get Their Sign Or If They Share A Name With A Constellation/star. - Tattoo Ideas Top Picks


Moon cycles.

Crumpled Sky Map: Night Sky Glow In the Dark

Planets solar system space ball style hard candy lollipop - 10 pc. - MADE TO ORDER. $17.50, via Etsy.