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    • Janice Hartley

      "Grizzly Bear Cubs" [Photographed by ~Oliver Klink~ from the National Geographic Photo of the Day: Best of July 2009]~[Photo Caption: "Grizzly cubs are unpredictable. At one moment they look at you with their intrigued eyes, and suddenly run away scared by unknown behavior. These two seven-month-old cubs thought that holding hands would make the danger disappear."]~[Photo via ~malmart~ (Mallory Martin) April 1 2012]

    • Cookie Cutter

      Two Baby Bear Cubs Holding Hands.

    • Aleksis Gumshoe

      Two Grizzly Bear Cubs Sharing a Moment..."I will never leave you Brother Bear"

    • Lucy Waltz

      wild baby animals | domestic animals baby wild animals have a special appeal and it s ...

    • Vivian McNicol

      Edge Of The Plank: Cute Animals: Baby Bear Cubs

    • Claire Green

      Grizzly Bear Cubs. Best friends!!

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    The most unbelievably adorable baby polar bear!

    If that doesn't just melt your heart...then something is SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH YOU!!!!

    seeing baby animals in the wild is very poignant - their short time with Mama is the only kindness they will know. The rest of their life will be filled with the horror of living in the wild - constantly killing or being killed, tearing their living food to death.

    Aww, this makes me want a pet Adelicia Acklen...

    Marcia Cunha Cunha Cunha Cunha Cunha Talaski please, please you NEED this puppy. And you should name him Griswald. He looks like a little Gris.

    Because while some people are assholes, most are not, and animals tend to have more love than most humans. So glad to see a happy ending for these animals.

    “Hold my heart, lest it breaks. Hold my hand, lest I fall. Hold me close, lest I fear.”

    There are so many amazing things about this photo: the blue ice in the background, blue water, and then the amazing polar bears; one of which is shown diving into the water!

    You see, I don't look at these things and think "awww, da widdle powar beawr is so cute" instead I think "Cool, the polar bear could rip him to shreds at any given moment but it doesn't"

    Lion, Tiger and Bear live together after being rescued from drug dealer!