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    The large stone is a 16 year old girl. The other three are her infant brothers and sisters. This is in Bennington, Vermont.

    Cemetery Gun: The gun, which the museum dates to 1710, is mounted on a mechanism that allows it to spin freely. Cemetery keepers set up the flintlock weapon at the foot of a grave, with three tripwires strung in an arc around its position. A prospective grave-robber, stumbling over the tripwire in the dark, would trigger the weapon—much to his own misfortune.

    Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris

    The Little Girl in the Rum Keg. This child died on the return trip from England, sometime in the mid 1700s. At that time, if you died at sea, you were either buried at sea or stored in a container of alcohol spirits to get the body home.

    Grave of a slave.

    Julia Buccola: The Italian Bride

    Lt. Nathaniel Grigsby: 124-year-old “Grave” Warning About Democrats

    Cimitero Monumentale di Bonaria by cristianocani, via Flickr

    Depression era headstone of a 12-yearo-old boy. Made of concrete and embedded with some of his marbles.

    Crypt and tree merge in an old cemetery in Kalaupapa National Park in Hawaii.

    Ever Faithful. A grave at Highgate Cemetery in London depicts a statue of the owner's dog resting by his master's side.

    The Sleeping Guardian by Oliver C Wright

    The most sadly romantic thing ever...

    Helen Old West Cemetery Willington, Connecticut - Here lies Helen

    The grave of Margorie McCall, who rose from the grave in Lurgan, Ireland...After succumbing to a fever of some sort in 1705, Irish woman Margorie McCall was hastily buried to prevent the spread of whatever had done her in. Margorie was buried with a valuable ring, which her husband had been unable to remove due to swelling. This made her an even better target for body snatchers, who could cash in on both the corpse and the ring. click through to read more

    The true story of Sweet Fanny Adams

    cherub headstone at Mount Muncie cemetery in Kansas.

    HISTORY OF CHOLERA HILL CEMETERY | Section 3 – Tippecanoe Township – Henry County, Iowa | The Bystander’s Notes. C.S. Rogers, Publisher.

    A solitary casket remained in a corner of the pitch black vault. It was no ordinary casket however; it was made of steel, and had eighteen or so clamps on the lid. It appeared to be a special container for bodies that were to be stored for a long period of time, or perhaps infected with a contagious disease - it had the ability to be sealed without contaminating the vault air, and was impervious to seepage.

    "His soul swooned slowly as he heard the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling, like the descent of their last end, upon all the living and the dead." The Dead by James Joyce

    Original burial site of Wild Bill Hickok - he was exhumed 3 yrs later and his corpse was found to be perfectly preserved. The calcium carbonate in the surrounding soil had replaced the flesh leading to petrifaction and it was recorded that his remains weighed between 400 and 500 pounds and when thumped with a cane made the same sound as if it had hit a brick wall.

    whale jawbone used as tombstone by Karin & Rene, via Flickr Here is buried Jantien Reinders Rest in peace (with God) in the year 1758 (it's Dutch)

    Grave Ceramics and Daguerreotypes

    Mystery Graveyard Emerges in Tennessee Man's Yard