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By Michael C. Hayes. Black-winged angels feature heavily in one of my works, so I'm very partial to beautiful paintings like this.

Gorgeous design of an angel in blue with dark wings who has fallen to earth Finished Design Size 400 W by 525 H W X inches on (This Chart Contains 83 Colors) Copyright Heaven and Earth Designs 2013 44 pages in

....  ..✿  THE moment you have in your  heart this extraordinary thing  called LOVE, feel the depth  the delight the ecstasy of it,  which allows you the power to  transform your world, it's in  your hands......•  (¯`v´¯) ....♥ ____ ♥․´`• ․ ․ . . .`•  `*.¸.*.♥.✿´´¯`  ☼•*❤*•°•❥ℒƠѵℯ & Hugz..☆ . ƸӜƷ¸.☆.

Light, evil vs good, female angel in black dress , one angel wing black one angel wing white, holds black raven holds white dove

Fallen Angel

fallen male angel sitting on stairs steps bloody dripping down stairs wings coming out, No angel is more beautiful then the ones that have fallen, becoming one with humanity, and realizing the fears in life.


I have seen real Angels. this is NOT where their wings protrude from. I know this sculptor has never experienced a real Angel in their life.

Photo Manipulations by Ní Anluaín #fantasy #fairytale

Ealu O by NiAnluain on deviantART. First time I thought she had kind of devilish nails. then I realized it was the marks of uncountable times hanging there to take a view.

Demon Asmodeus

Asmodeus - The Demon - The Creature Of Judgment - Fallen Angel

Character Portraits (papis-place: Had a Cavalier concept pop in to my...)

infinitemachine: Corgi and fairy by *sandara Dungeon World character idea Elf Ranger reflavoured as a fairy with a corgi animal companion acting as a mount. (I love corgis.


"Are all dark angels bad? Is their any good in darkness? Isn't everyone of us a dark angel turned by love and grace into angels of light? Do both the dark and light not dwell in us all?