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  • Diana LaBauve

    Wash day, 1942. #vintage #homemaker #1940s. I would die of I had to do laundry like this!!!

  • Joan Jeffery

    "Through the Wringer" (1942) • "To keep your wringer operating properly, dry rolls thoroughly after use with a soft cloth and then release lever which removes pressure from the rolls." • by Dave • Photo: Ann Rosener for the Office of Emergency Management. This is how my great grand mother did laundry, then hung it outside on a homemade clothes line.

  • Joan Wasdovitch

    wringer washers. Oh do I remember this

  • DonnaJean McWhite

    Wash day (1942). Run a hose to the washer and when she was finished she hooked the hose to the washer and ran it out the door to drain the washing machine. I can still see Mom doing our laundry this way!

  • Cyndi Johnson

    I remember sitting on my grandmas basement stairs watching her do laundry

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tub washer with wringer - In 1956, my mother got one with an "automatic release" button in case your hand started to go through the ringer!!

My mom used this type of washer when I was a kid. I remember wringing out clothes through that wringer on top!

How I miss freshly laundered sheets dried in the sun and fresh air! Childhood longings.

img456 Washing Day by PeaTJay, via Flickr

I remember helping my grandmother with the wringer washer.

I saw this picture and was filled with warm memories of my grandma. She had a wringer washer, I remember helping by handing her the pins for hanging.

Over and over and over again ~ What is it about housework...It Never Seems to End! ~ Vintage '40s washer ad.

*Man!!! Do I ever appreciate my Kenmore washer and dryer... this looks like way too much work for some clean underwear.

We had an old fashioned wash day for the dolly clothes.

reminds me...of my mom hanging laundry outside in the wintertime, letting it freeze-dry, then finishing the drying process inside the house by hanging everything all over.