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    • Aijeleth Shahar Boda

      Adorable knit crochet mermaid costume for a baby girl...I'm gonna have to remember this as a Halloween costume when i have kids. So cute!

    • Lindsey Cage

      The Little Mermaid baby! This is so cute!

    • Malachi Kunze

      baby mermaid costume #cute kid #baby girl #Cute Baby #lovely kid| http://lovely-kid-237.blogspot.com

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    How precious! Leslie Riemen Pidcock since you are the only one that i know that could possibly do this...i expect it for my first baby shower haha

    this is too cute it makes me laugh! Larissa would have a fit over this, her favorite Disney Princess is Arielle, and she convinced herself when she was little that she was a mermaid, so her daughter would definitely have a little photo shoot like this one!

    Mermaid Mommy and Baby. I'm doing spare room/future nursery in these colors right now. If I ever have a girl...I will need this!

    What age did you take your kids to the hair salon? Sunday Morning Misfits- Editorial for Babiekins Print Issue 1.

    The Little Mermaid- definitely my favorite part!

    Parenting: great photo from the animal world! What caption would you give this?

    Two young ballet dancers, Violet Hutchinson aged 8 and Betty Putt aged 7, rehearsing in a back garden in Poplar, east London. Despite a lack of space, children played in the streets and backyards often improvising with anything lying around – the only limit being their imaginations.

    my daughter in a mermaid outfit that a friend made :)

    Baby mermaid photo prop- 4 piece set- 6-12 months- Made to order. $58.00, I think she's gonna look like this. adorable