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    • Michelle Stout

      Natural health remedies, mosquito bites

    • Melissa Bennett

      mosquito bite remedy - rub bar soap on the bite- I had no idea

    • Kristyn LNU

      SUCCESS (sort of): mosquito bite remedy (I used Ivory soap) On 6MAR I got my first bug bite. Used Ivory bar and it DID stop itching! In fact, it went away all together! NOTE: you almost have to do this as soon as you get bit. Tried this on a day old bite, and it didn't seem to work.

    • Rosalie Eason

      Bug bite relief.

    • Lisa A

      mosquito bite remedy - rub bar soap on the bite. it works.

    • Danielle Mayhan

      Best mosquito bite remedy: Rub dry soap over the bite for instant itch relief. I'm definitely trying this!

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