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    Get confused by functions of behavior? Hopefully this "Everybody EATS" infographic helps. #behavioranalysis #pbis

    There's a difference between reinforcing people and reinforcing behavior. #reinforcement #behavioranalysis

    #behavioranalysis #ABAhumor #stormtrooper

    Behaviorist Rule to Live By: Reinforce behavior, not people.

    The Most Powerful Leadership Tool - Positive Reinforcement - 5 Keys for Effective Delivery

    Did you just punish one behavior and not reinforce a desirable one in its place? #behavioranalysis #punishment #reinforcement

    Great site by my boy Anson Yueng (@BehaviorJedi)! Great for those studying for the BACB certification exams. Check it!

    Vader does not care for your explanatory fictions for behavior. #behavioranalysis

    The Behavior Code Companion: Strategies, Tools, and Interventions for Supporting Students With Anxiety-Related or Oppositional Behaviors

    Know your terminology!

    Warning: If you mix up the terms punishment and negative reinforcement, you will be deleted from my friends list. | Workplace Ecard

    Photo by barefootbehavior

    Temple Grandin write up in Costco's magazine - June 2013. Academic, mentor, public speaker, advocate for animal welfare/husbandry/safety. More than just a person with Autism.

    Rapunzel sporting a Peace, Love, ABA shirt - somehow that got left out of the movie.

    Spock meme

    Sad Storm Trooper reviews the data

    Positive reinforcement - Savage Chickens

    A negative reinforcement conundrum. -Savage Chickens


    BCBA studying (Just for Fun)

    Autism Training Solutions: Chaining and Task Analysis, via YouTube.

    My reinforcement for studying. It's the simple things...

    120 Social Skills Questions

    One does not simply prepare for the BCBA exam w/out reading "The White Book" #AppliedBehaviorAnalysis Cooper, Heron, & Heward

    Social Skills Training with a Cool Gadget!