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As of 4/2014 many seahorse species are endangered; some are already extinct. A world without creatures like the seahorse is unimaginably drab, blah and pitiful. May God bless all creatures great and small. #MotherNature is ultimately "in charge" on Earth. The more creatures like this that become extinct, the more the human race itself inches toward extinction. #ThisIsNotSustainable and Mother Nature knows it. More info…

A Mustang seahorse blending in and it's adorable! ☮ re-pinned by

Seahorse, Hippocampus, with babies - it is actually the male seahorse that gives birth to the babies, the female deposits her eggs into the males pouch where he carries them and delivers them. They are delivered fully formed miniature seahorses. In this image you see them all in the water with the fully grown seahorse.

Paternity by ~WallarooGirl - pregnant male seahorse #photography