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80 burpees later.. i didn't want to go to the gym so i got my roomies to do this with me! loved it!

Yessss!!!!! Truth Fitness motivation inspiration fitspo crossfit running workout exercise

Very true, or in my case trying to deal with clients that have been injured because of cross-fit. I have nothing against it personally and do some of the workouts but they REALLY need to re-evaluate how they train instructors. I've seen several that had no idea how to teach proper technique and had true beginners trying to lift weight they had no business starting with.

"not dying" is a good goal. I'll add that to my list: 1. three beautiful burpees 2. successful hand stand 3. not dying.

I clean more at the gym than I do at my house. #crossfit.

Those bruises on my knees are from CrossFit not because I've been on so true..I've already heard some wise cracks about my bruised up knees

Connie Hamon Mathers really needs this hanging in her cubicle...and home...and car...actually, just make it a necklace and wear it every day!

So true!!! Always have and always will hate burpees. However that never stops Coach from making me do them!

"That moment ten minutes in to an amrap that you realise you are not as fit as you thought you were." #Fitness #Humour