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FREE Word Family Independent Work -at word family -- designed to be used four days in a week, with an activity for each day. On Monday, students read the words and cut/glue the pictures to match. On Tuesday, they cut/glue letters to make words. On Wednesday, they write words from the word family, as well as 3 review words. On Thursday, they write words again and choose one word to use in a sentence. This resource is ready to copy and use tomorrow!!



Worksheets: "Th" Words: A Word Family Book


-an Word Family

Worksheets: -an Word Family

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Word Family Worksheets - Spin, Read and Write

word family worksheets $

18 FREE colorful word family sliders. Perfect for small group instruction or as a literacy center activity.

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Rhyming Words

Rhyming word flip books. 40 books to teach 40 different rhyming sets. All words are spelled the same (ex: pail, tail, sail NOT whale) could also be used with word families.

Word Family Cans - small Pringles cans for every word family. it, at, et, ot, in, an, en, un, etc. Cover the cans with contact paper and write the word family on the outside. In each can, put the word ending on paper, and the beginning letter tiles that can be the onset in that word family. The children take a can and write all of the words in that word family that they can build with the tiles.

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Word Families

Word Family Trees - includes 86 different word... by Teaching Products | Teachers Pay Teachers