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  • Desiree Lane

    DIY Swiffer WetJet Solution [To remove old bottle cap: Dip the tip of an empty Swiffer Wetjet solution bottle into boiling water for about 10 seconds and the lid twists off (use a towel). Refill with your preferred cleaning solution at appropriate dilution and re-cap]

  • Amanda Guthrie

    31 Household products you'll never have to buy again. including DIY Swiffer WetJet Solution! and Dishwasher detergent and so much more

  • Cameron White

    DIY swiffer wetjet solution - will definitely be doing this! swiffer refills are so expensive

  • Tish Petot

    diy swiffer refills & DIY Cleaning Solution

  • Shelly White

    DIY Swiffer WetJet cleaning solution.... I am currently using this in my wet jet. It seems to clean well, just seems a little lacking. I may need to find something specific to wood floors, I want them to sparkle ;)

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Pinner says: First thing, I'm curious if the wrinkle release spray will smell like the vinegar at all or if the fabric softener in it will mask it...?? Secondly, I'm cleaning my oven racks tomorrow based on this & I'm excited to see how well it works. And finally, I'm pretty psyched (the little things) to try the armpit stain remover. Seriously ppl, everyone gets those, even a little bit.

Save money AND get a clean house! Here are 5 easy tricks for saving $ on cleaning products.

Homemade Cleaning Solutions - these solutions are effective, economical, and much better for you, your family, and your pets than the harsh chemicals in most cleaning products. I love that I can buy just a handful of products in bulk and cover most, if not all, of my household needs, saving space and packaging! Less waste, less hassle, more clean!

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Homemade wetjet refill and endless reusable pads! (using fluffy socks!) I knew there was an easy, homemade solution waiting to be pinned!

Why buy replacement pads and cleaning solution for your Swiffer mop when you can make your own for pennies?

Make Your Own Reusable “Swiffer” Pads and Cleaning Solution for PENNIES! | One Good Thing By Jillee

Homemade Swiffer WetJet Cleaning Solution Refill Place your WetJet Refill upside down in a glass of pipping hot water for 5 minutes. This will help loosen the seal. Twist cap off. (The first time may be a little difficult.) Using a funnel fill container with 1 1/2 cups of Vinegar and 1 1/2 cups of hot water. Replace cap and insert into your Swiffer WetJet!