halloween custom next year for Big Brother & Baby Brother :) yayy!

Adorable Halloween costumes: Big Brother is a football player, baby brother is the football. --- Cute idea, Isaiah as a football player and Zoey as a cheerleader

This may be the cutest baby picture ever.

Favorite Baby Names: Your Personal Top 10?

Wish I would have had this idea a few years back... Would have been perfect for someone I know :-)

(Humpty Dumpty costume) baby dressed as an egg the scarey thing is what happens when he overbalances in his nappy and falls off the wall , funny but slightly creepy halloween costume idea


Best friends pregnancy photo- hope I get the chance to do this my BFF's before they're done having kids.

Idea for first birthday picture. then every year after with previous year's picture, or even a big brother/sister picture have the older sibling hold of newest addition :)

Babies grow so quickly. From the first day home as a newborn baby to big milestones like crawling and walking— finding the right fit diaper for your little one can be easy with this helpful size chart with the proper sizing based on weight (plus, the average amount of diapers you’ll go through each day!)

Diaper Size and Weight Chart

So precious! I want boy/girl fraternal twins so badly!

Twins--we want two of a kind--LOL Boys or is Your call LORD. Buy one, get one free Amber. "D" Gram Someone have twins so I can buy them these!

Cotton Quilt - Summer Poppy

Cotton Muslin Quilt - Summer Poppy

Cute Monster Halloween Cake

This cute monster Halloween cake cake features goo-ga-lie eyes (is that even a word?) and orange piped hair.