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  • Carolyn Cook

    Colorful Hydrangeas favorite flowers!

  • Elizabeth Young

    The new house has every other plant, bush, and flower in the yard. Why not add hydrangeas!

  • Kelly O'Rourke

    Once we learn how to plant, feed and care for things that grow in the ground - bring on the hydrangea!

  • fay clique

    Hydrangeas at Flower Market

  • Ana Bs

    Gorgeous Flowers Garden & Love — beautiful.. Flowers Garden Love

  • Rebecca Ann

    Colorful Hydrangeas...i have light blue and i cant wait to get better at growing them so i can collect a rainbow of colors. i love hydrangea. i think i must be an old fashion flower garden collector. from the lilac to the peonie, hydrangea and hollyhock, iris and any flower that reminds me of an auntie or grandparent or special person w one of those small nebraska farming towns where families traded plants each spring...that is what i adore most. the rest is just spicing it up here and there.

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It would be pretty to be sitting on the grass in front of the mirror, so you're in the reflection.

climbing hydrangea. I love these. I have one growing around my back door.

Delicate Snowball Hydrangea - white. Beautiful

When Jesus reaches the entry to the Garden, He stops and turns His eyes toward His circle of friends. (Max Lucado)