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Enjoying the little and the not so little beautyful things and charming treasures life has in store for us and sharing what I am finding on my journey through this world and the internet. If you like my tumblr, you might like my blog Charming Quark too

there were two ways out of town, a road and a bridge that led to a mountain, the road went to a small city by the sea, but no one had come back from the mountain, alive at any rate

We had a great time at the lake. Doing things like canoeing, hiking and building forts. We acted childish, had pine cone fights and played in the water. But we had no idea that we disturbed something dangerous that had slumbered for years.

I can't wait for this photography trend - person, foreground center, back to camera, gazing over a vista - to die. Friedrich did it first, and did it best. Now it's just grating. I just want the goddamn vista.