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    Really hard to say!

    Hi, I don't care. Thanks! Funny but true YourECards.



    Yep, sounds about right

    story of my life


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I just died!


    You poor thing. You don't even realize you're batshit crazy, do you?

    I love from afar. It's generally MUCH easier from a great distance. Look, I learned from my Mother - don't you judge me! .... yes, totally kidding.. & totally hating how utterly impossible it is, at times such as these, to convey sarcasm over the interwebs. I use emoticons so much sometimes I get on my own nerves. So. No winky, smiley faces.


    Someday I will use this. And it will be awesome.

    By the power vested in me....




    ha! ever have one of these days? we say opt for confidence (and body fat) as the best measures of your health!

    Life with Fibromyalgia Humor: yep, would save me thousands of dollars a year.