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Fishing, My EXBh8tfulllll!# bought this shirt and wore it on a date,i think she was trying to tell me somthn but i was too busy admiting her beauty


Fly Fishing Pole Floor Lamp

This fishing pole floor lamp is such a cool idea!

اجلس بهدوء ، وأرخ كل خلايا جسمك واتركها تغوص في المكان الذي تجلس فيه ، وأغمض عينيك وتخيل أنك الآن طفل في عمر ثلاث سنوات . تخيل كيف سيكون شعورك وما الذي يشغل بالك وفكرك الآن ؟ تخيل كيف ستتعامل مع البيت والأشياء والأثاث والناس ؟ تخيل كيف تكون سعيدا بأبسط اللعب والأشياء الغريبة ؟

It's fish o'clock somewhere. #fishing #mdmarine #boat

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How Top Water Bass Fishing Works

My son tells me of the big bass he wants to catch. We go to the lake or ponds almost every week during the warmer months. He catches lots of blue gill and crappie. He has caught small bass. But he still longs for the Large mouth. One day son, one day, you and I will pull the big one in together. bass fishing - Google Search

For Emma, Forever Agofrom For Emma, Forever Ago

An entry from Maja

Love this image.


Mastering the Texas Rig

Want to catch more fish and lose less lures? Try the Texas rig! This top soft-plastic fishing method will help you land more bass and save you cash. #fishing