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    librarian tattoo sleeve - Google Search

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    Sweet Card Catalog Sleeve Tattoo

  • Balduqueando 2.0

    #letrasenlasangre 11 Amazing Librarian Tattoos 1. Card Catalog Sleeve Elizabeth Skene has what might be the most awesomely complete librarian sleeve around, featuring a skull sitting on top of a book, with a graduation cap next to a card catalog with a banner reading “Peace and Knowledge.” There is also an open book with pages coming out and turning into birds. Let there be no doubt here: Elizabeth loves libraries. Tattoo by Frank William of the Chicago Tattoo Company.

  • Tee Tate

    There are plenty of literary tattoos out there, and plenty of tattooed librarians. A bit less common are librarians with tattoos celebrating their career choice. Check out a few of these from World’s Strangest.

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What makes LiveJournal user Oh Chris’ tattoo by Kristen at Artisanal Tattoo really great are how many details he has hidden inside the design. For example, the hieroglyphics are phonetic transliterations for the names of his family members and the two open books have images symbolizing his favorite childhood books – The BFG and Jabberwock.

Prefer your ink a little more hardcore than most of these librarian tattoos? Then, you’ll probably approve of Jason Puckett’s tattoo by Ron Hendon of Midnight Iguana Tattooing that features a bespectacled skull with “crossbooks” and a “librarian” banner.

Jim McClusky is a librarian in Washington, so obviously he thinks reading is pretty darn important, even if you’re only a poor little voodoo doll. Artwork by Mary J. Hoffman, tattoo by Curtis James of Anchor Tattoo. Read the full text here: www.mentalfloss.c... --brought to you by mental_floss!

Beautiful Tattoo #2 by workmana10, via Flickr

Done by Brett Burnham at Electric Tattoo in Pasadena, Maryland.

Okay, I need this in my office--I would love to frame this. Love it....L is for Librarian and L is for me....LINDSEY :)

50 Tattoos Inspired By Books. We appreciate that they mostly include the source quotes, as well! via Contrariwise

This style of flowers... gorgeous. I don't know about the bird.

50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Books From Childhood, I want to get #20 from Lord of the a Rings =)