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  • Paul Bonnici

    Without Science, we would never see the true beauty of Nature! -- These microscopic images allow us to see things from a new and unfamiliar perspective. By magnifying up to 300 times, and focusing on the smallest details of the world, we’re able to see in clarity the smallest, most miniscule realms of reality. And who would ever expect that it could be this beautiful?

  • Freda Norris

    Sand magnified 250x: The miniature particles are exposed as fragments of crystals, spiral fragments of shells and crumbs of volcanic rock. - Cool Nature

  • Mia J.

    Sand magnified over 250 times real life. Beautiful!

  • Vicki Tunkel

    Sand grains by Dr. Gary Greenberg. Photographs of sand that was magnified by 250 times real life reveal its stunning beauty.

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Viewed at a magnification of over 250 times real life, tiny grains of sand are shown to be delicate, colourful structures as unique as snowflakes. When seen well beyond the limits of human eyesight, the miniature particles are exposed as fragments of crystals, spiral fragments of shells and crumbs of volcanic rock. Professor Gary Greenberg who has a PhD in biomedical research from University College London said: 'It is incredible to think when you are walking on the beach you are standing on these tiny treasures.

Sand under a microscope. You will never look at sand the same way ever again :)

What ocean sand looks like, magnified 250 times. via @MicroscopePics

Footprints, Sunset & 3 Sand Grains Three sand grains float between a beach and sunset: one coral sand grains and two bits of sea urchin spine are tiny natural mandalas.

(S{PONGE SPICULES WITH SPIRAL SAND GRAIN 2) Three sponge spicules surround a blue spiral sand grain. Sponge spicules are the internal skeleton of most species of sponges. They are made of silica.

Yanping Wang, of the Beijing Planetarium in Beijing, China, took this surprisingly gorgeous shot of sand - yes, that’s SAND - at 4X magnification, using reflected light. He took 14th place in the Nikon Small World Photography Contest.>>> Gives a new perspective to walking on the beach!

Grains of sand magnified to 250 times real size. Yet another reason I need a microscope with a built in camera.

enlarged pictures are awsome!

Grains of Sand. God’s handiwork is seen even in the tiniest grain of sand, all interesting and beautiful and all to show us how much He loves us. He did this for us because He Himself is beautiful.