wine lovers puzzle & playing cards

*The Wine Lover

"A must-have for wine lovers"

Crafts for wine lovers

Wine Tasting Party Kit - great gift idea for a wine lover

Wine Lovers Print Footie Pajamas, Wine Lovers Footed Pajamas

For wine-lovers!

Wine Thermometer! Very cool gift for wine lovers

vintage corkscrews. great gift for the wine lover.

A Wine Lover’s Guide To Europe #Infographic #infografía

"Star Wars" seen by a #wine lover pinned with Pinvolve

wine lovers mat

The Best Gifts for the Wine Lover in Your Life via @mydomaine

Great list of unique gift ideas for wine lovers.

Wine, Food and Cocktail Lovers Kitchen Towels at Wine Enthusiast - $29.95

I used to be shy, You made me sing. I used to refuse things at table—Now I shout for more of that lovers wine. In somber dignity, I used to sit on my mat and pray. Now children run through and make faces at me. —Rumi

salt and pepper shakers for the wine lover

I so want to do this! So all my wine lover friends I am now collecting wine corks. So if you have them and your not saving them please pass them on to me!!

How to Make Wine in 22 easy steps - when shall we start our own wine making - 22 easy steps does not sound much, but speaking regularly to winemakers - it is not easy - winemaking is a science!

All the wine is all for me!

Screw it Wine Corkscrew handpainted wooden sign, wall hanging, by My Seasoned Palette on Etsy, Wine lover, wine gift, glass of wine, wine bottle, wine humor