wine lovers puzzle & playing cards

*The Wine Lover

"A must-have for wine lovers"

Crafts for wine lovers

Wine Tasting Party Kit - great gift idea for a wine lover

Wine Lovers Print Footie Pajamas, Wine Lovers Footed Pajamas

For wine-lovers!

Wine Thermometer! Very cool gift for wine lovers

vintage corkscrews. great gift for the wine lover.

Wine Descriptions Chart Infographic

A Wine Lover’s Guide To Europe #Infographic #infografía

wine lovers mat

"Star Wars" seen by a #wine lover pinned with Pinvolve

The Best Gifts for the Wine Lover in Your Life via @mydomaine

Great list of unique gift ideas for wine lovers.

I used to be shy, You made me sing. I used to refuse things at table—Now I shout for more of that lovers wine. In somber dignity, I used to sit on my mat and pray. Now children run through and make faces at me. —Rumi

salt and pepper shakers for the wine lover

I so want to do this! So all my wine lover friends I am now collecting wine corks. So if you have them and your not saving them please pass them on to me!!

How to Make Wine in 22 easy steps - when shall we start our own wine making - 22 easy steps does not sound much, but speaking regularly to winemakers - it is not easy - winemaking is a science!

puzzle cutting boards - I saw these on cup of jo a year ago and i still want them... they fit together! and hold a glass of wine!

All the wine is all for me!