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The town in Kansas where I grew up. I moved here back in '99 and left in '08, almost a decade. It might be only a mile in area, have no Wal-mart, no McDonalds, no movie theater, no department stores or chain restaurants, and I might not have ever had the best school years here, but I will always remember this little town, its small lake, amazing pizza place, one stoplight, corner mechanic shop, and the whole town coming to the football games as being the best home anyone could ask for. <3

Cooper Hall at Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas

The abanonded school in Kanona Kansas. Words can not even begin to describe this Ghost Town... [nice flickr set]

West edge of the Flint Hills in Kansas

The water tower in Bazine, Kansas is painted with local school colors and boasts the school mascot

McPherson, Kansas, home of McPherson College