Why kids lie, and 7 ways to get them to tell the truth

Politicians do it. Athletes do it. Role models do it. And, of course, kids do it too -- lying. Their fledgling attempts at deception can be almost funny, but how do you nip lying in the bud? By creating a 'safe environment' for the truth, one expert says.
  • Mary Krass

    Amy McCready of Todays Moms is the author of this advice...and This is longer than my other posts, but this is such wonderful advice for kids of any age...I love this--Why kids lie, and 7 ways to get them to tell the truth. This is really good and helpful, must remember this often!!

  • Alicia Serr

    Why kids lie, and 7 ways to get them to tell the truth. By Amy McCready, TODAY Moms contributor and Positive Parenting Solutions founder. Great ideas!

  • Brenda Bronsch

    I love this--Why kids lie, and 7 ways to get them to tell the truth. This is really good and helpful, must remember this often!! #family

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