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oo - write poem featuring your vowel team. Write oo words (or whatever you're working on) on glasses to make sure you "see" them in your poem.

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Digital Phonics Word Work Cards for Google Classroom Use

These digital magnetic letters slide to form words. Student can then type sentences or the word. These cover vowel teams, blends, diphthongs, short vowels, CVCe words, ending blends, and digraphs! Covers over 871 words and all a teacher needs to do is assign the student the file in Google Classroom! Technology is so engaging for many students!

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Ditch the Worksheets = F.U.N.

This literacy exercise would be perfect for incorporating into a social studies topic! The students could chose a famous president and write a story using this tool of a major event in their presidency, how they became president, what they did as president etc. I found this pin at:

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Poetry Interactive Notebook, All Genres, Plus: Poetry Enrichment Project Menu

NO-PREP With the "Poetry Interactive Notebook," students will learn to write several genres of poetry through example and then guided practice. Once finished completing all of their poems, they will choose enrichment projects to complete. Great fun and the ultimate way to introduce your students to several types of poetry This resource includes examples and directions on how to create the following poems: Imagery Poems Riddle Poems Haikus Cinquains Acrostic Poems Name Poems And More..$

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The ULTIMATE Printable Phonics Pack {2nd Edition}

The ULTIMATE Printable Phonics Pack {2nd edition!} Over 100 ready-to-use activities that practice Long and Short Vowels, R-Controlled vowels {ar/er/ir/ur}, and Vowel Teams {ai/ay, au/aw, ew/oo, ie/igh, ee/ea, ou/ow, and oi/oy}! $