A funny photography serie created by a man called Jason Lee. He creatively captures his kids, and the pictures are beautiful !

Le papa Jason Lee prend les meilleures photos au monde

California based wedding photographer Jason Lee takes creative and imaginative photographs of his two adorable daughters, Kristin and Kayla.

jajajaja PAPA NOEL japonesita... me supera!

Probably the most creative dad in the world

Funny pictures about Best dad in the world. Oh, and cool pics about Best dad in the world. Also, Best dad in the world photos.

Restons concentré. Plus de situations hilarantes sur http://www.danielleguentherphotography.com !

Photographer Danielle Guenther Captures Family Portraits That Depict The Chaos Of Being A Parent

Dave Engledow


upper decker by Dave Engledow on Fotoblur Everyone should look at this series of photos. This is so creative and loving, as well as being very funny! Congrats Dave and Jen. Special cudos to your daughter--Alice Bee

Alice Bee is becoming quite proficient at making my breakfast, but I do think she's going to need more syrup.

Dave Engledow et les photos créatives de sa fille

Photographer Dave Engledow has been taking photos of his daughter Alice Bee since she was born in He refers to himself as World's Greatest Dad, and on

Pix by Jason Lee--How the Kids Caught Santa (behind the scenes)

How the Kids Caught Santa! (8 pics)

The girls swear they've been nice but still wait up to pull Santa out of the chiminey.

Danielle Guenther. Avoir des enfants, tout un art...

Talented Photographer Danielle Guenther Reveals The True Chaos Of Being A Parent