Nicholas Felton is an information designer. Since 2005, he has tabulated thousands upon thousands of tiny measurements in his life and designed stunning graphs and maps and created concise infographics that detail that year’s activities. The results were originally intended for his friends and family, but the “personal annual reports” have found an audience with fellow designers and people that really geek out on seeing lots of data, beautifully presented.

The one, the only: the Feltron Annual Report. It’s a volume of personal-behavioral stats presented as corporate-style report complete with the kind of elegant info-graphics t…

MagSpreads - Magazine Design and Editorial Inspiration: Makeshift Magazine

Infographic / MagSpreads - Magazine Design and Editorial Inspiration: Makeshift Magazine

Romualdo Faura / Snow Infographics

Data visualization infographic & Chart Infographics about snow by Romualdo Faura, via Behance. Infographic Description Infographics about snow by Romuald

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The Most Popular Infographics Found Online

“Most Popular Infographics you can find around the web”by designer and illustrator Alberto Antoniazzi.

Services Infographic by Dan Trenkner  view full image here

Services Infographic

Services infographic I designed for my company, digital-telepathy.