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love your dog

35 Hot Men Who Are Infinitely Hotter When Snuggling With Cute Animals

i melted


She loves him. And so do I.

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The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, WWE and a chihuahua. There is something so adorable about a great big tough dude and a tiny little dog. Lovin' The Rock!

Shiba Inu - Adorable

This is quite possibly the cutest thing in the entire world.


I'm dying!

What a sweet puppy :)

5 Most adorable dog piles you have ever seen

I need to get a puppy for Bella so they can do cute things like this well besides Brock but he's too big haha this is too much cuteness for one picture: Cute Animal, Sweet, Best Friends, Puppy Love, Pet, Baby, Huskies Puppies, Bestfriend

(Puppy Love) Breed: _____ ← {*Ask Tabatha} (Quote/s) Subject: Dogs, Unconditional Love.

Awww how cute