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    For those of you who thank God for his unconditional love and support, I ask to you- do you love others as God loves you? Think about this as you turn your nose at civil unions, or unemployment benefits, or equal pay for equal work, or people of other cultures living in "your" country, or the homeless person you yell at to "get a job". Just stop and think about what would happen if God did not love you unconditionally & you may understand how someone being discriminated against might feel.

    I love Jesus! So thankful.

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    Love Me Some Jesus- LORD and we ALL need you in present times!


    Nothing you confess could make me love you less - Jesus This makes me SMILE :)



    self explanitory!


    It's so true and it's beautiful. I have experienced it in my life. There is no better gift on earth. God is more than enough; even better than enough. It's a total completeness. The hole in your heart is filled to full. Beyond amazing.


    I feel like this all the time!