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Sit-in at the Woolworths lunch counter in Jackson, Mississippi, 1963. Annie Moody (far right) was a student at Tougaloo College in Jackson. Mustard and ketchup drip off her forehead. Joan Trumpauer (center), a white student at Tougaloo, had been doused with mustard, ketchup, water, Coca-Cola, and spray paint. Tougaloo professor John Salter (left) is covered in condiments and blood. He had been hit with brass knuckles.

Jane Bolin (1908 - 2007) was the first African American female judge in the United States. Her father, Gaius Bolin, the first African American graduate of Williams College, practiced law in Poughkeepsie. Bolin graduated from Wellesley College in 1928. She was the first black woman to graduate from Yale University School of Law and the first to be admitted to the New York City Bar Association.