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    Mid Century Modern Baby Furniture: The Ovo High Chair by Micuna

    Removing Scuffs on Shoes: 1) Nail Polish Remover on patent leather, 2) Toothpaste & toothbrush on cloth/canvas, 3) Rubber Eraser on vinyl/suede, 4) Extra Tip: I've used Eye Makeup Remover on the rubber of shoes :)

    Roast Cutting Tongs

    Lemon Honey Scrub. (Don't be afraid to scrub hard!) 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup olive oil, Juice of 1 lemon, 1 tbsp honey

    KitchenAid in mint - love!

    Italian Greyhound iPhone 5 Case

    Who knew??? Pinner said: This is the secret to my clear skin!!! Been taking it since I was 16!- Biotin makes hair and nails grow fast and thick. Its good for your skin and gives it a pseudo-tan glow all year long. It also helps prevent grays and hair loss. For real?!

    Who knew... Window squeegee removes pet hair from carpets...

    kate spade new york iPhone case. I just got this and I love it! :-D

    Engraved collars.

    S'mores bar - just cans of sterno in a box of pebbles

    TOTALLY AWESOME... Bike Stroller.

    The power of vinegar...soaking feet in vinegar (apple cider being best) is a great remedy for many problems like toenail fungus, dry feet, tired feet, etc. are some vinegar foot soaks that will help feet be soft and supple.

    Magic Eraser uses... did you know you can cut a piece off and float it in your toilet overnight and voila! no more toilet ring! -clean window screens (even when they are still in the window) The website has a list of about 100 uses!

    Perfect Workout Water Bottle!

    Use mayonnaise to erase water stains from wooden furniture... 35 tips that will change your life!

    Dry erase marker on the washer for clothes that are inside that shouldn't be dried or any kind of note for that matter! Okay...this is brilliant.

    nike shoes

    Protective Chef sleeve for iPad - so cool!

    20 ways to tighten skin after weight loss and/or pregnancy!

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