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A Wonderland of YA Books for Winter Break

Thank you Alex Costello for this guest blog post, just in time for winter break! Winter is best spent curled up with a good book. A mug of hot cocoa, wrapped up in blankets, maybe with a good fire…

How To Respond When Your Tween Tests Boundaries

Pre-teens, or "tweens" as my twelve year old prefers, seem to only exist to test us. Test our patience, test our commitment, test our sanity. Use these 3 easy tips to learn how to respond when your tween tests boundaries.

How to Teach Kids to Manage Their Own Schedules

Little by little, we need to introduce our kids to the concepts of goal-setting, time management and self control. What better way to do that than to teach them how to create a realistic weekly schedule? Learn a step-by-step method for how your kids can create their own schedules! This scheduling method is easy and adaptable to fit any child, tween or teen!

10 Ways to Build a Rock Solid Relationship with Your Teen

Navigating the tween and teen years can be difficult, but there are plenty of parents out there that will tell you that no matter how trying their teens are great kids. Here are 10 ways to build a rock solid relationship with your teen (or tween) .

5 Tips On How To Motivate Your Teenager To Study Better

Motivate teenager -

10 Ways To Build A Rock Solid Relationship With Your Teen (or Tween) (Sunshine and Hurricanes)

10 Ways To Build A Rock Solid Relationship With Your Teen (or Tween) | Sunshine and Hurricanes | Bloglovin’

How to Start a Mother Daughter Book Club

Wonderful tips on starting a mother/daughter book club + book recommendations {w/free printable}!

Tweens and early teens really know how to push your buttons. From back-talking to sibling rivalry, to chores, these kids really know how to work the system. These contracts will really help, bring organization to the chaos, help reward your child for great behavior and set consequences and punishment for disapproved behaviors.