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  • Claire Edwards

    Deep Cleaning Monthly Schedule -- not that I will ever follow this :) but it's a good idea

  • Becca Hammon

    Monthly deep cleaning list~ awesome idea

  • Patricia Schier

    Monthly deep cleaning schedule. Good idea, but it seems like some of these things should be done more than once a month...

  • Jennifer B

    Monthly deep cleaning ideas

  • Courtney Polite

    Monthly deep cleaning schedule. Great way to start the New Year!!

  • JoAnn Leach

    Cleaning organization- deep cleaning monthly schedule

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Deep Cleaning Monthly Schedule - very smart! How about doing this for school, but each day would be something else. End of day activities could include sprucing up the room for tomorrow. Ex: Monday - book shelves Tuesday - rainy day game shelf or scrap paper bin cleaned, Wednesday - etc

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deep cleaning monthly schedule

weekly cleaning schedule, I really like this schedule for cleaning

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I really like routines. Really. You can only build up something from a strong base. Safety swag. I actually clean the whole house every day, but I actually enjoy cleaning the whole house every day. Kind of like do the "Daily" part, and randomly do the rest of in the other rooms through the week. I'll definetly try this organizing of housework, it is totally worth a try!

Household cleaning list -I have chore lists for each child but this keeps all the chore lists in one place--so I can check

Again can prob make one of these myself - or could just spend all of $3 and save a lot of time...

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