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i love this :)

Preparing to cross Abbey Road for their legendary album cover - John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. Want to walk on Abby Road really bad!

The beatles


Interviewing The Beatles. I'm dying xD "do you think ringo is the best drummer in the world?" " he's not even the best drummer in the beatles"

Vintage photograph, acid $1

"Woodstock was a pale pot scene. This is a heavy hallucinogens scene." – 25 Amazing Photos Captured Daily Life at the Powder Ridge Rock Festival, 1970

keith richards

T-shirt worn by Keith Richards back in the times when the Stones were young. Features the slogan “Who the fuck is Mick Jagger?” this design not only looks cool but is also a piece of rock history!

Nejslavnější přechod na světě - Beatles

Beatles - Abbey Road Walking across is awesome! something every beatles fan has to have on a shirt. Just gotta have to put this album up

In my life, The Beatles

I know everyone says this but I wish I could have known them and had the chance to see them live. There is nothing wrong with current music, except I am waiting for someone as amazing as The Beatles to start a new revolution!

Cidades Rock'n'Roll

Cidades rock’n’roll: de Londres a Brasília, 13 lugares para curtir o som

The Beatles: Abbey Road Album Cover Parodies. A list of all the groups that have released album covers that look like the The Beatles Abbey Road album.

Paul McCartney inventing selfies and photobombs

Paul McCartney invented selfies and photobombing. Just thought you should know.