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How to Propagate Basil from cuttings - Super simple! Buy one plant and end up with a dozen or more new plants, who doesn't need lots of basil? and these are a perfect gift for foodie friends!

Basil: Includes how to prune for better yield and flavor. Plant with tomatoes...enhances flavor of both. UPDATE: June 1st: Best basil I have ever grown! Pinching is the trick!


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Saviez-vous qu'il était possible de faire repousser à l'intérieur plusieurs légumes et fines herbes à partir des restes que vous avez? Voici 10 légumes que vous pouvez faire pousser à nouveau, question d'avoir de bons produits frais toute l'année!

How to grow amazing Basil indoors. NOTES: Harvest/trim/prune regularly "Begin harvesting when a plant develops three pairs of leaves. Always trim at the node just above where you see new growth between the main stem and a leaf." |

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