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    Wallaby Hug

    After a big fight, a young lion male scared the leader of a lion praid away. He killed next to this two of three newborn babys they just was born a few hours before. The last one tried the Mother to safe, she walked with the baby in the mauth it and walked with the baby in the mouth far away. #animals #lions #1816 #remington


    Smile Mom!

    Big hug. :) #cheetah #cub #baby #mother #mama #big #cats #wild #wildlife #animal #nature #photography

    Ah common mom...I'm a big girl now!


    em. you sure?


    Lean on Me ∞Cheetah mom and cub

    boo! even though it's just a pomeranian shaved differently, it is one of the cutest dogs out there!


    They look like they hold all the best secrets.

    A baby monkey struggles to hold on to her mother on a narrow wall, by Anil Maharjan

    Mother carrying baby opossums on her back. The Opossum is the only true marsupial native in the USA.


    Cute Tiger #tigers, #animals, #cute, Mama tiger and baby tiger

    Kangaroo kiss

    Mom & Me

    orangutan mothers only have babies every 9 years. and they raise them until they are in their teens! (awww)